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Trello Alternatives Taiga, Rally, LibreBoard, KanBoard, JIRA and TaskBoard

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Trello is the best project management tool which provides efficient task management for both Agile and Kanban Methodologies. This app is available for Desktop, Mobiles, and Chrome Extensions. There are few other Apps like Trello which provide similar functionalities that Trello provides. Few of the alternatives are free versions and open source. The seven best tell alternatives are LibreBoard, KanBoard, TaskBoard, RestyaBoard, Taiga Kanban & Scrum Board, Agile Central (Rally), and Jira. The details of these tools are listed below:

Best Trello Alternatives

Agile Central (formerly known as Rally):

CA Technologies have designed an efficient task management tool that serves the best in Agile methodology, i.e., CA Agile Central. CA Agile Central which is formerly known as Rally is one of the best project management tool which is available for free of cost. It provides Kanban boards to track the status of the tasks, and you can also follow the iteration state sprint wise for each release.


You can even export or import the task status from CA Agile Central so that you can showcase your stakeholders how your work is being carried out. It also acts as the best tool for defect management besides agile task management.

Jira Project Management Tool:

Jira is one of the project management tools which is developed by Atlassian. It provides functions like bug tracking and project management. It focuses on iterative approach in managing software development process by focusing on each iteration with continuous releases.


Jira also provides all the ceremonies of a scrum like Sprint Planning, Sprint Demo, Daily Scrum and Retrospective. With the help of Scrum board, the visualization of work for each sprint can be easily analyzed. It resembles the workflow with multiple steps like To DO, In Progress and Done. The Scrum boards act as the key components in providing agile project management transparency.


One of the easiest tools that can be used for project management is Libreboard. It resembles most of the features similar to Trello with a roadmap. The roadmap shows the progress of the tasks which are defined, in progress and yet to be done.

Trello Alternative libreboard-vs-trello

The boards help to illustrate the tasks in a simple manner, and you can move the tasks from one board to another after completion of each task. With Libreboard project management tool it is quite simple to manage the tasks with fewer efforts, and you can also find the notifications whenever there is a change in the job progress so that you can never miss the history of changes made.


The Kanboard is the other project management tool which is one of the Trello alternatives. It is simple to use, fast and an open source tool. It helps to visualize your work by customizing boards according to requirements of the business activities.


It also contributes to managing multiple projects with the ability to drag and drop the task in an efficient manner based on work progress. It provides analytics and reports of the tasks being carried out and can be accessed from anywhere with browser support. It is free, open sourced and self-hosted with the super simple installation process. You can also integrate with external services with the help of plugins, and your project management becomes quite simple with the Kanboard.


Restyaboard is Trello like Kanban board which built upon the Restya platform. It provide the features like ‘Adding boards’, ‘Creating boards with template’, ‘copying board’, ‘importing boards from Trello’, ‘creating organizations & adding members to the team’, ‘adding filters to the boards’, ‘changing permissions’, ‘board calendar view’, and ‘board visibility’.


And also to ‘adding lists,’ ‘adding cards and assigning members to the cards,’ ‘adding labels,’ ‘attachments,’ and ‘managing checklists.’ What not, the features it provides can not be listed in simple terms. You can find a single source to perform all the actions with the Restyaboard. The Restyaboard provides its best support to manage the tasks in an effective manner with the set of features it provides.


TaskBoard developed to minimize the roadblocks while developing a project in Kanban methodology. It purely dedicated to Kanban method project management. It is free and open source tool to manage projects. TaskBoard is easy to install and is self-hosted, It uses RestAPI calls and SQLite to manage operations.

Using TaskBoard, You can create any number of Kanban Boards, and those boards are easily trackable. Easy to manage the users and authentications in TaskBoards. Complete and the full history of the tasks are maintained to refer them anytime.

Taiga Kanban and Scrum:

Taiga released a kanban and scrum board for Project Management. Taiga grabbed the recognizations; those are ‘Best Agile Tool 2015’, and ‘Top Ten Open Source Projects 2014’. Taiga is a free version for Public projects and is chargeable if the projects are private & the count of the projects are greater than 2.


The Pricing rate ranges from $0 – $99 based on the usage. It is not just a project management tool and also providing many features in this tool. You can track issues, tasks, wikis, teams, integrations and many features.

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