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Download and Install Trello app for iPhone/ iPad/ iOS

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Trello is one of the best sources for project management tool that is not available in a browser, but it is also designed in the form of the mobile app to provide the best benefits of it to its users.  As part of providing the best services, Trello Inc. has designed the Trello app for iOS to provide its best usage to iPhone and iPad users.

How to download and install Trello app on iPhone or iPad?

Getting Trello app on iPhone or iPad is as simple as you get a game installed. Launch App Store on your iOS device and hit the search bar. From the search bar enter text as Trello app and search for the results. From the search results hit the app Trello By Trello, Inc.

Now, from the app details view, tap on “Get” button followed by “Install” button to get the app downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad.

What are the features of Trello app for iOS?

Now, coming to the features of Trello app for iOS it can not only be used as a project management tool, but it also has many other functions.

  • Trello helps to create boards which contribute to organizing the work that is being carried out in the organization or your daily activities.
  • You can customize the workflows of different projects in a single app with fewer efforts.
  • It is available for free, and you can also upgrade your account in case of massive loads and when there is a need for additional functionality.
  • You can create the work boards for yourself, or you can collaborate with others by inviting your friends, coworkers or family members to carry out the work activities.
  • You can attach files and upload photos or videos based on the requirement.
  • You can create your checklists of the tasks to be done on the cards.
  • You can not only assign tasks to yourself or others, but even you can comment on the items.
  • You can find the status of all your tasks on a single board with Trello.

How to download and Install Trello app for iOS devices?

It is quite easy to download and install Trello for iOS as if you download a gaming app. But before you start downloading you need to check whether your device is compatible with the app or not. You need to have iOS 9.3 or later versions of it to get the app downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad.


Now, let’s see how to download and install Trello on iOS. Switch to App Store on your device, and from the search bar enter “Trello” and hit the magnifier icon. Now from the search results select the app and navigate to the app details view. From the app details view tap on “Get/ Install” button to get the app downloaded and installed on your iPhone. It may take few minutes to get downloaded and installed. Once the app gets installed, you can find the Open button from the app details view. And, you can also locate the app on the Home screen which resembles that the app successfully installed on your device.

How to troubleshoot Trello app installation on iOS devices?

When you come across problems in installing the app on iOS devices, troubleshoot the problems by making a note of the following points.

  • Make sure your device is compatible enough for the installation. In case if it is not, you can not install the app on your device. You need to upgrade your device in case if you are using an older version of operating system.
  • Make sure that you have a suitable wireless network or cellular network connected. If there is a network issue try to install the app until the issue resolved
  • Make sure that there is enough memory on the device for the app installation.
  • Make sure that are no restricted permissions for the app installation.

These are the few basic things that you need to keep in mind during the installation process.

How to use Trello app on iOS devices?

After installing the app, launch the application on your iPhone or iPad. Initially, you need to create an account if you are not a registered user and you can continue with your account if you are a registered user.

To get registered you need to create an account with Trello or you can directly sign up with your Google account. Now, you are turned into a registered user of Trello and let’s see the usage of the app. The usage of the app is quite simple as you organize notes on a regular board.

Using this app you can organize your tasks in an efficient way with the help of boards. You can not only use the boards even you can customize them as per your requirement.

Prioritize your tasks and view the status in the form of graphs or images. You can attach files, images, and videos to the tasks that you perform and can make a checklist of them. You can invite friends or coworkers to collaborate with your work.

You can find the status of all the people who are working as a team under the task board. It is very easy to identify the progress of the tasks and can organize your work in an effective way at no cost. All together as a single unit can provide better results using this app. You can even organize your personal or day to day tasks on Trello. You can better understand the benefits of Trello app on iOS devices once you began making use of it.

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